Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am officially the worst mother!

I was changing Callee's clothes last night into her jammies and she started to scoot off my lap. I put up my hand to catch her (I didn't want her falling) and she lunged forward at the same time. My thumb nail scratched her bottom eyelid pretty bad and she has a little bruise (aka - black eye!) What kind of mother gives their baby their very first black eye? I am terrible.

On a whole different note, the girls and I had a great evening last night, until Taylor had to go to bed and didn't want to. We were done with dinner early, because I made scrambled eggs and sausage, it didn't take too long. This is what happens when you forget to thaw anything! We colored, watched some TV, played and ran around like crazy. Callee went to bed at 8:00. Not only is she teething, but she is hitting a growth spurt too and that makes for one sleepy little baby! I tried putting Taylor to bed at 9:00, but she actually didn't get up again after 10:30 so she went to bed really late! I tried telling her last night she wasn't going to want to get up for school today, and what happened? She was a bear to wake up! I did make her go though, even though I felt bad, like I should keep her home.

I got to watch my friend Jenn's baby girl. She is the chubbiest 5 month old ever! I absolutely love chubby babies, however, I've never really had one. I told Jenn to leave her at my house because she had some running around to do and Addison was being fussy. She left her and I think she was lying about her. She was not fussy unless Callee was in her face. She just sat there so content and looking around. She is such a good baby!

That was my Monday evening followed by not getting to bed until late! Hopefully it will be an earlier night tonight. I hope everyone has a great day!


Kellan said...

Oooh, a black eye - that's not good, but it could have been worse. I thought you were gonna say that you scratched her eyeball. She'll be fine. We are also having too many late nights and kids not wanting to get up to go to school. That holiday week didn't help us at all. Have a good day and see you soon. Kellan

The Stevens Family said...

I thought I did scratch her eyeball at first! I was relieved to see the cut under her eye!

KC said...

your so not a bad mommy.. that sort of things happen to all of us. I caught my nail on Little Mans forhead just today..

Sounds like you had a fun monday..

Shana said...

You are not a bad mommy. I agree with KC these sort of things just happen. :o) I have done stuff like that too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah your not a bad mom just accident prone the whole family is like that...i gave mom a black eye last night by turning around and running into her..so we are all accident prone the WHOLE family

MrsGrumpy said...

I cut my little man's toe when he was a newborn, while attempting to trim his toenails...I felt awful about it. Hugs to you.