Monday, October 15, 2007

The yo-yo weekend

I forgot my camera at home today so I'll have to add the pictures tomorrow. This weekend was a yo-yo of a weekend. It went from good to bad to good. I won't post the bad part because it really was a stupid thing and I shouldn't have gotten mad, but I did and that's besides the fact. Friday night I didn't do much of anything because I am trying to get over this cold still. I didn't post it last week, but after my 10 days of headaches, I got a really bad cold. At least it explains the headaches. I didn't do much of anything in the way of house work last week and was in bed pretty early every night. Usually, I try to stay up until Mike gets home at 11:30 and then we talk for a little bit which leaves me getting to bed way too late every night. Not this week. I was in bed and asleep no later than 10:30 every night. So Friday I decided to stay up and wait for him since I hadn't seen him all week. All this did was have both of us stay up way too late! We caught up from the week and discussed our weekend plans and then went to bed. Both of the girls either have a cold or are getting over a cold so I knew noone would sleep well Friday night.

Saturday came and we didn't take Taylor to dance because I didn't want her getting all hot and sweaty and then going out in the cold to make her worse. I decided she needed to take a week off and besides that, I didn't need her getting any worse because we were going to the pumpkin patch and to visit Mike's aunt. Now some people are thinking, "If everyone was sick, why not just stay home?" and I thought of that too, but here are my reasons for going. 1)It was just a cold nothing more and I knew that. 2)Germs are festering in our house and I was hoping that getting out would do all of us some good. 3) It is supposed to be rainy and even colder next weekend so why push it back a week? Everything turned out really good. Nobody got worse and everyone had a good time. We visited with Mike's aunt for quite a while and she made us a delicious lunch. We arrived at her house at about 1:20 and didn't leave until 6:00. It was a really nice time, but it was also exhausting. We thought everyone would sleep really well from being so tired, but that's what I get for thinking. Callee woke up about 11:00 and I got her back to sleep about 12:00 and then got back up about 1:20 and didn't go back to sleep until about 3:00. It was not a great night of sleep, but nobody was any worse the next day, we just didn't make it to church.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went to my Grandmother's for lunch and while we were there, my dad took Taylor to his house. I took Callee home to put her down for a nap and left to go grocery shopping. I spent too much at the store, big surprise and when I got home, Callee was still sleeping! I couldn't believe it because she had been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours and I thought for sure I would come home to a monkey that wanted to cuddle. I put the groceries away and woke her up from her almost 3 hour nap. I had made arrangements with my sister earlier in the day to come and watch my kids for an hour or two so Mike and I could go to dinner. She came and we went, which is just what I needed. We were only gone for an hour and a half, but it was so nice to get out without the kids and have some adult conversations with the person I love. We went home to our normal routine of getting the girls to bed, folding and putting away laundry and getting ready for bed myself. Overall, it was a good weekend and next weekend we should be going to a haunted hayride with my sister and some other people. So we should have a good weekend and hopefully by then this cold will be gone.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend! Pictures tomorrow.


Kellan said...

Pumpkin patch, lunch with Grandma and dinner out - sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!

Shana said...

Sounds like you did have a good week-end. Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend for the yucky cold germ. :o)

MrsGrumpy said...

I am so glad you got to go out by yourselves. 3 hour naps! Hooray! And yest you can add me, I took the liberty of adding you to my sidebar.