Friday, October 26, 2007

Random went out the door...

I told Taylor to stop jumping back and forth so she started just "walking."

Taylor had to go for her follow up visit to the doctor today regarding her bronchitis. I had a couple of other concerns for her that I asked Mike to also address with the doctor. Taylor's hair keeps falling out in clumps. It doesn't matter if you are washing it, brushing it, or if she is just playing. I had asked the lady who cuts my hair and she said that it could be that her hair just isn't strong enough and it is actually getting tangled and pulling itself out. The doctor told Mike that's what he thinks it is so Taylor goes tomorrow morning to get her hair cut so on Monday I will have before and after pictures. If it keeps falling out, he will address it at her 4 year check up in more detail. That is good news and her lungs sound much better, she just needs to keep taking the antibiotic until it's gone.

Callee wore her tough chick shirt today just in case anybody at the doctor tried to mess with her. She is too cute in it. She really does think she is tough so this shirt is so much her it isn't even funny.

Here she is pretty much telling me to read her shirt with her bagel in one hand and her blankie and paci (na-na) in the other!

Enough about that. We went to my parents house last night because Taylor has been asking to go there all week. My dad works swing shifts and is on midnights this week so we try to avoid those weeks so he can get more sleep. My dad was Taylor's kid and she was the mom. She kept calling him kid or daughter and then we asked if he had a name and she said, yea papa! She is so silly! Then she was "fixing" his hair and let me tell you he looked gorgeous! He had on a tie died tank top she found that was his dress he was wearing to a wedding she was taking him to. She also took him camping, she is a very wonderful mother that is sure to do a wide variety of activities with her "kid." She had us all in stitches. Unfortunately, I had to delete the pictures of him with his hair done and the dress on, but this is a picture of Taylor in her "wedding dress" which was also the dress he had to wear to the wedding.

Her personality is hilarious! Here are a few more pics to enjoy:

I have no idea what she was doing, but the Hoakies were being rained on in the background!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and as long as I don't chicken out, I will have before and after pictures on Monday.

p.s. As far as the title of this post, Ashley and I had been talking one day and we were using the word random quite often. Taylor kept asking who random was (she was only about 2.) We kept trying to explain what the word random meant, but she wasn't getting it. Everytime we'd say random, she'd look for "him" so we finally told her random went out the door, so that's all she said for about 2 days. "Random went out the door, random went out the door!" It was too funny.

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Kellan said...

Aren't Papa's great?! Great pictues and I'm glad Taylor is better. I don't know about the hair thing - ? My Princess is into the words, "By the way..." - aren't they simply delightful? Have a great weekend - see ya.