Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crazy Hat Day!

Taylor goes to a Christian preschool so they don't have the typical "Halloween" party, instead they had a crazy hat party. Every child (with the parent's help and permission) was encouraged to pick out a hat they wanted and decorate it however they chose to. We of course waited until the last minute and Taylor decided on a Santa Claus hat! I'm not sure why but that's what we got and she colored on it and decorated it with stickers. Each child also got a bag of goodies, which consisted of not only candy but also play-doh. My thanks to those parents who got the play-doh. Great for kids who can't eat the candy due to medical issues, not so great for the child that has a 1 year old sister that can't keep her paws off anything! I am going to take a picture of Taylor with her crazy hat on tonight and post it tomorrow so check back for that.


Kathy said...

The girls are beautiful and I think Taylor's haircut is perfect. I hope that she is getting used to it now. Looking forward to seeing her Santa hat!

MrsGrumpy said...

Here's hoping that you don't have a whole lot of carpet in your house. It is amazing how well play do sticks to it. Just when I finally got rid of all the play do in the house the neighbor down the street gave James a case.