Thursday, September 20, 2007

This and That

Yesterday my sister and I took all the kids to McDonald's to play. I know, huge germ pit and really, what lives in there anyway? This McDonald's doesn't have a ball pit, only the tubes and slides and such, so in my eyes it's not quite as disgusting. The kids had a ball, except for Callee who had to sit on time out. She has such an attitude; it really is amazing how young these girls get them. I thought I had at least a few more years before this started, you know at least until puberty and hormones. Not a chance with this child. I was holding her milk for her so she wouldn't spill it, but she didn't want to take a drink that way, she wanted to hold it herself. Not a chance Callee Rose. She started throwing a fit and crying, you had to be there to really appreciate the attitude that comes out in these times. So we put her on time out. I thought she was screaming before that. She was wailing so hard and so loud it was borderline embarrassing. When her minute was up, she was all blotchy and red from screaming so I offered her the milk again (this was mean I know, but I wanted to see if what they say is true. They say if you use time out before they are 2 you are wasting your time because they don't get the concept and will keep repeating the behavior.) Well, she drank the milk nicely without having to hold it herself. Moral of the story: Callee is either a genius or these "experts" aren't so smart. I think I will keep doing things my way.

Here is another issue I have been thinking about lately: potty training. Not that I expect her to be potty trained in the next 6 months or anything, but we started sitting Taylor on the potty to get her comfortable with it when she was only 9 months. Callee is 14 months and has only sat on a potty one time. Taylor was completely potty trained one month after she turned 2 and at this rate Callee will be going to kindergarten with diapers. Ok, probably not, but I should probably start her sitting on the potty and trying to teach her the way I was teaching Taylor way before this age. The problem is I stayed home until Taylor was almost 3. I wish I could take a year off and get Callee potty trained and then go back to work. Am I doing a disservice to Callee by working? Is Taylor the one better off because I stayed home with her? I hate these guilty feelings, am I spending too much time with one and not enough with the other? Is this one going to get mad because that one got to do (fill in the blank)? I think I'm going to go scream now.

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